RasterWave Overviewa lightweight photo editor focused on performance and ease of use

Rasterwave is a lightweight photo editor focused on performance and ease of use. It provides a comprehensive selection of photo editing tools, including a macro recorder and batch processor, and it runs on Windows XP or above. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish translations are currently available.



It is lightweight and portable

RasterWave is designed to be run as a standalone. A installer is provided for ease of use but it is not required. It does not touch the Windows registry and does not modify any files outside its own folder aside from scratch files used for editing in your temporary file folder. It will run on any Windows system from XP through Windows 8.1.

It has integrated macro recording and batch processing

Complex editing actions can be automated by recording them as macros. Once recorded, any combination of actions can be automatically applied to other images. Macros fully integrate with a built-in batch processing tool – simply choose a saved macro and a folder or list of images, and RasterWave will apply the macro to every image automatically.

It emphasizes usability

Most free image editors have complex and cluttered interfaces. The interface was built from a designer standpoint, not an engineer, so small touches like save/load presets on all tools, automatic last-used settings preservation, unlimited Undo/Redo, “Fade last effect”, keyboard accelerators, effects previews, mouse wheel and X-button support, and descriptive menu icons make RasterWave easy to use for any experience level.

It provides a comprehensive selection of pro-grade features and tools

  • Extensive file format support, including all major RAW formats.
  • Powerful selection tools, with full support for antialiasing, feathering, and on-canvas sizing/moving.
  • Provides a completely color-managed workflow, including full support for embedded ICC profiles.
  • Non-destructive editing for select features, including resizing and key adjustments (exposure, clarity, vibrance, etc).
  • 2D transformations: advanced rescale operators (Sinc, Catmull-Rom, etc), content-aware scaling (seam carving), crop, rotate, shear, zoom, tiling.
  • Pro adjustment tools: levels, curves, HDR, white balance, split-toning, full-featured histogram, green screen, Wratten filters, and many more.
  • Filters and effects: context-aware blur, unsharp masking, edge detection, noise removal, lens diffraction, vignetting, perspective correction, film grain, and many more.
  • 100+ tools are provided in the current version.

What doesn’t RasterWave Do?

  • The current release does not support text layers but is planned for the next release.
  • The current release does not generally support Unicode filenames, folders, or text entry. Improved Unicode support is planned for the next release.
  • The current release does not provide any on-canvas painting tools. Some features may not work with Unicode filenames, but work on this is ongoing.
  • The current release may not integrate well with high-contrast Windows themes, or non-standard Windows themes. Improvements to theming are planned for the next release

Current downloads for RasterWave

Filename Description Version Release Date

Windows setup installer

2.6 03/25/2015 Download

Stand-alone ZIP package

03/25/2015 Download

Latest development build


Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
  • 20MB of available hard disk space

Development Build Note

This build often includes new features, but because it is under active development, bugs and/or crashes are likely. The purpose is to allow users to preview new features and improvements. I highly suggest using the official release for any serious work. Use at own risk.