RasterWave 2.6 Release

After six months of hard work, RasterWave 2.6 is officially available for download. This version is a little different from past releases. I’m making great progress on adding on-canvas paint tools (and related tools, such as type and shapes), but due to their complexity, the new tools still require a few months more of work. I don’t want to wait that long to release an update, so I’ve added as many non-paint tool upgrades and improvements as I can.

As such, this release is more about refinement than new features (although there are still some great new tools, like polygon, lasso, and magic wand selections). Some of the other new features, like automated updates, should greatly reduce the “annoyance factor” of using RasterWave on a regular basis.

Changes and new features

  • Added new selection tools: magic wand, lasso, and polygon.
  • Added Automatic updates, including patches for smaller files (like languages).
  • Improved interface: custom built sliders, drop-down, text boxes, check and option buttons, and many more controls. Also added divider lines to to layer blend modes drop-down box.
  • Improved unicode support: all text handling moved from ANSI to UTF-8. Unicode metadata and layer names are now supported.
  • Improved file format support: RAW support for 200 new camera models (via LibRaw), WMF and EMF metafiles, improved PNG compatibility, and many metadata improvements.
  • Added tone-mapping dialog for HDR and RAW images. Tone-mapping is also provided for high bit-depth variants of common formats, like 48 and 64-bit PNGs.
  • Added adaptive supersampling for all Distort and Transformation tools.
  • Overhauled Lens Flare, single-shot HDR, Channel Mixer, Surface Blur, and Unsharp Mask tools.
  • Added Cross-Screen tool (produces “stars” from bright regions of an image).
  • Improved performance, accuracy, and interface to Curves, Levels, Green Screen (Chroma Key), Color Balance, Kaleidoscope, Zoom Blur, and Motion Blur tools.
  • Improved performance program-wide: new viewport pipeline, improved image compositor, updated localization engine, and new internal image manager.
  • Improved localization and translation support. This is the first release without any incomplete language files.
  • Improved main editor window: resizable and customizable left-hand toolbox, auto-hiding of the options toolbox, and new quick-access buttons for Save Lossless Copy and Fade Last Effect.
  • Added Fit Image, Fit Width, and Fit Height “smart zoom” options.
  • Added Recent Macros menu
  • Added new quick-close buttons in image tabstrip (little red X in the corner, which appears when hovering with the mouse).
  • Added right-click context menu for image tabstrip.