RasterWave 2.4 Release

After months of hard work, RasterWave 2.4 is officially available for download. You can grab it from the program page or use the update feature within RasterWave.

For those upgrading directly from version 2.2, you’re going to notice a lot of improvements! You can find a full write-up here, but for those in a hurry, here is an abbreviated list of what’s available in version 2.4.

  • LAYERS! RasterWave now provides comprehensive layer support, including variable opacity, custom blendmodes, on-canvas moving and resizing, and editing without flattening.
  • Numerous interface improvements, including new slider, radio button, and check box controls created specifically for RasterWave.
  • Many new tools, including straighten, auto-correction, auto-enhancement, split-toning, HDR, colored pencil, glass tiles, stained glass, fragment, Kuwahara filtering, lens flare, sunshine, noise removal (bilateral smoothing), and more.
  • Many improvements to existing tools, including overhauled Curve and Level dialogs, tonal range support when adjusting color balance, completely rewritten comic book, relief, emboss/engrave, edge enhance, find edges, rainbow, fog, and ignite filters, and many smaller tweaks and improvements.
  • New Undo History browser
  • Improved performance program-wide, including Performance options, and significant performance improvements when language translations are active.
  • Much better support for non-English locales, including many bug-fixes for locales that use “,”, as a decimal separator.
  • Improved drag/drop support, including improved support for dragging images from web browsers.
  • Improved status bar, including clickable “resize image” button and “fit image on-screen” button.
  • New Malay and Swedish language support
  • Improved support for using arrow keys to modify various settings
  • New Asynchronous image metadata processing. Images with extensive metatdata now load and save much faster than before.
  • Reduced program startup time, and greatly reduced shutdown time when many images are loaded
  • Improved mousewheel zoom, with zoom now preserving cursor location.
  • Improvements to Content-Aware resizing, including faster performance, symmetrical seam removal, and ESC-to-cancel functionality.
  • Improved image load time, especially for large images and/or complex image formats.

For a full list of this version’s bug-fixes, improvements, and enhancements, please view the What’s New file included with RasterWave.

NOTE: As you might have noticed, no screenshots are available of the program’s features. Don’t worry, I’m in the process of adding these.