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Atom radius a + scrollwheel
Relative atom radius z + scrollwheel
Atom shade w + scrollwheel

Bond radius b + scrollwheel
Bond threshold
Bond shade s + scrollwheel

Ambient occlusion o + scrollwheel
Brightness l + scrollwheel
AO Resolution
Samples per frame

Depth of field strength d + scrollwheel
Depth of field position p + scrollwheel

Outline strength q + scrollwheel
Antialiasing passes
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Atomizer has been tested against recent Firefox and Chrome browsers. Performance appears to be significantly better on Chrome.

To translate your system, use the shift key and click and drag on the rendering. To rotate, click and drag. To zoom, use the scrollwheel.


High quality atomistic system rendering.

Author: Warren Galyen | Mechanika Design


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Atomizer and the images it produces are completely public domain and free to use. Do with it/them what you will. Attribution is appreciated but not required.