Warren Galyen

Software Developer


My interest has always lied in programming, ever since I begin manipulating and writing Basic programs on the original MS-DOS platform. Since then I have delved into many languages over the years, including C/C++, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, and C#. Every language has it’s place for a particular task. I have been developing in C# since 2004 through it’s current iteration. It is my language of choice for rapid windows development particularly for productivity software, tools and other helper programs. I also frequently utilize C/C++ for applications needing significant optimization. I’ve set up this site as a location to host multiple open source projects, freeware, and bits of code that I found useful. A great deal of my interest lies in Graphics & Audio programming, as you might notice by the software and code samples I’ve written.

My Skills

Visual Basic



38H (Large)

Another bit of information you should know about me is the fact that I like to reinvent the wheel. In my free time, creating that oblong wheel gives me a rush. Well, perhaps not a rush, but I throughly enjoy it. Well sometimes I don’t really enjoy it, but I learn from it. Sure, it might not be quite as round or as strong as the ones already made by others but it helps me become a better programmer. Not all of the code posted here is particularly well written, but it’s free. That being said, if you read the articles or look at the various projects and learn something from them, even if it is what not to do, then I’ve done my job.