Dropbox Folder Restoration using Python

Restores any dropbox folder to a previous state. If a file did not exist at the specified time, it will be deleted. Handles unicode parameter input and processing of subfolders.


To restore the folder /photos/tokyo to the way it was on March 7th, 2016:
python dropbox-restore.py /photos/tokyo 2016-03-07

Note: the path /photos/tokyo should be relative to your Dropbox folder; it should not include the path to the Dropbox folder on your hard drive. You will be prompted to confirm access to your Dropbox account through your web browser.


    1. Ensure Python 3.4 or higher and pip are installed.
    2. Install Dropbox Python API with the following command
    pip install dropbox
    3. Download dropbox-restore.py

Additional Notes

If you wish to modify the source code, you must obtain your own API keys from Dropbox and insert them into the APP_KEY and APP_SECRET fields.

Specifying a time is not officially supported because the time zone is ignored currently. However, it seems like Dropbox always uses UTC, so you can try specifying UTC times at your own risk by specifying the date and time in the format YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS on the command line. Be warned that Dropbox’s documentation does not guarantee that they will always use UTC, so this can break at any time.


dropbox-restore.py 03/07/2016 5.5 Kb

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